Raining Day

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Hallo! Today I had an exciting meeting with WhatIWear team and fashion bloggers in Frankfurt. I was so sad why it has to be raining on the day where an enjoyable event takes place. Today it started to rain when we had gathering and tomorrow I am attending wedding as bridesmaid, but it will be raining and cold 😦 so sad. Plus I have got a little burn on my nose area after applying mask pack for pore. Can you believe that? I will definitely complain about it to this brand that has really good reputation. I am so angry over this and I have no idea how I should do with this.

Although it is raining and sad about my skin, I should not look so sad and gloomy so I decided to wear orange color lipstick and a new orange color bag.

I am up for so late because I had to finish assignments but I must go for getting beauty sleep now! Hope you had a wonderful weather there!

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Blue Monday


How was your weekend? Mine was hectic and busy because of seminar paper. I finally submitted this morning. So for celebrating submission, I went out to buy new lipstick from MAC at Douglas. What do you think about this lipstick color? Douglas renewed its store which is very awesome because Laura Mercier is finally in town!! Today is the only day for me to go for shopping and being a bit relax, since this week is going to be busy week for me to attend some events. I will definitely upload some photos later this weekend.  😉

And I really need a bit of diet (or being in shape) and do some face cares.



Birthday night

DSC01103It was busy day for me to buy a gift for my boyfriend’s birthday and write my seminar paper. We reserved the restaurant for dinner, which I introduced a month ago as one of my favorite restaurants in Frankfurt. The area where this restaurant is so peaceful and amazing place to live.

In recent, the weather is so nice with sunshine (23/13 degree on average), but yesterday we had only sunshine but a bit windy. I love to wear simply jeans and shirt with pretty shoes.

T-shirt: vintage that I bought in Korea / Jeans: mango / Shoes: zara / Tweed jacket: zara / Bag: Michael Kors






On the way back, we picked up my shoes at Zara. I love it so much!

Amsterdam. 2013


The first place we went for was the most well-known department store in Amsterdam. We found it by chance on the way to go museums. Architecture is very nice as if I am shopping in the palace, but sadly there were not so many attractive stores and it smells bad like toilette. So we moved to museums to see history of city. It was very interesting to see how Amsterdam city was established and of course the regulation history of soft drug was exhibited. It is indeed surprising to see all these. Maybe it was kind of culture shock for me along with red light district.


I do not know why but there are many restaurants named ‘X X CAFE’. We went to Saigon cafe for lunch. I have been looking for pho noodle in Frankfurt, but I have finally found very nice pho here in Amsterdam! It was so nice and made my body so warm. I definitely recommend to go this restaurant when you visit Amsterdam.


Another restaurant that we went for dinner was also AMAZING! I felt in love with dutch bread and foods. After this night, I bought many breads to bring with me to Frankfurt. :p


(To be continued… )

Instagram Week

IMG_3756I shortly met my friend and tried my pink lipstick on! Finally sun shines outside and I feel so happy.

IMG_3797I love this shoes!!! I went out to buy shoes to fit with my dress to attend my friend’s wedding.

IMG_3794I was looking for skirt and outfits for summer, but it wasn’t successful.

IMG_3810Last saturday we had party for bride! I was so exhausted after all… Imagine dancing almost three hours with 12cm heels.

IMG_3825This burger is the best in town. We wanted to eat burger after party night and I did not want to cook.IMG_3764This is my favorite drink from Starbucks. Now I am writing seminar paper so my babe grasped this for me.

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Feature: ‘Must-Have’ Korean cosmetics – Skin Care

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You want to know beauty secret of Korean actress how they could have such a flawless face?  Once it was an issue photo of Sienna Miller was taken holding on her hand with AMORE PACIFIC products. I am a big fan of Korean skin care products. Here is my renew 2013 version of ‘must-have’ korean cosmetics, chapter 1 – skin care. If you have any questions about Korean cosmetics, feel free to leave a comment or email me (mk_kim0731@hotmail.com).

Love XX

Feature: Ballerina flat shoes

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Spring has almost sprung. It means wardrobe shopping time. Olivia Palermo shows her passion about ballerina flat shoes many times on TV shows or interviews, she said French sole is expensive but worthy. I love Ballerinas because of course I am tall I cannot wear heels for my daily look. People would look at me like seeing a giant. Plus, I am mostly spending my time in library in recent. (Students hate female students wearing high heels and making noises in the library indeed) This is also why I was not able to post so much nowadays. I have so many ideas to post features about fashion and outfits, but I will do that more frequently soon after handing over my seminar papers! Love you all my readers and I will be back with much more giveaways so please stay tuned.

Love MK