Amsterdam. 2013


The first place we went for was the most well-known department store in Amsterdam. We found it by chance on the way to go museums. Architecture is very nice as if I am shopping in the palace, but sadly there were not so many attractive stores and it smells bad like toilette. So we moved to museums to see history of city. It was very interesting to see how Amsterdam city was established and of course the regulation history of soft drug was exhibited. It is indeed surprising to see all these. Maybe it was kind of culture shock for me along with red light district.


I do not know why but there are many restaurants named ‘X X CAFE’. We went to Saigon cafe for lunch. I have been looking for pho noodle in Frankfurt, but I have finally found very nice pho here in Amsterdam! It was so nice and made my body so warm. I definitely recommend to go this restaurant when you visit Amsterdam.


Another restaurant that we went for dinner was also AMAZING! I felt in love with dutch bread and foods. After this night, I bought many breads to bring with me to Frankfurt. :p


(To be continued… )


Amsterdam 2013


Hello readers! it has been a while to post on my blog. I went to Amsterdam since I have two weeks spring break. We wanted to spend a week there but I had to come back to write seminar paper so we stayed there only four days. I am truly sad to leave so soon.

It was really healing time for me to be in Amsterdam in spite of very cold and windy weather. There were many things I was amazed. First of all, it takes only four hours by a car to Amsterdam. Second, most of people living in Amsterdam speaks good English. Third, there are so many little streets and canals! and so on.. all in one, I love Netherlands!

We were so hungry so we started with pancake for our lunch. We had to eat something before Heineken experience.





Finally we arrived at Heineken factory! And as you can see me on the photos before and after a glass of fresh beer. I am not a big fan of beer, but this beer is so fresh and so smooth! We expected more to see real experience to make beer or something, but fortunately it was more or less museum-like. Oh well we had two beers for free eventually even though I was not able to finish up one beer. (I cannot drink so much indeed…)


+ it was SO windy and cold 😦

2012. Paris


I went to Kusmi Tea which I wanted to visit. I could try several teas there and then pick up some. I have got several little packages for my family and friends. They have several interesting teas. I loved the shop!


We have tried not to go typical restaurants, rather find some restaurants by ourselves. Of course it is really pain in the ass to find the places to eat, because I cannot stand up with my hunger.


It was May in Paris, but still without down jacket, it is hard to walk around because of the wind. I didn’t expect it to be so cold… but it was shinny. Can you imagine which museum it is with this beautiful garden? Military museum. You could go inside and see some weapons as well.

(BTW, Dior foundation mixed with Guerlain Blanc de Pearle(I didn’t find this in Germany so I had to buy two of them in Duty free shop in Korea) gives me such a glossy and healthy skin! I love it so much. I think water in Paris is better for me than one in Frankfurt(?))

DSC_0586I love this place. I wish I could go and take many photos here.


DSC_0608‘MUST-GO’ restaurant !!!! (Creperie de Josselin) They do not receive reservation so you have to wait for a while, yet you would not wait so long and it is worthy to wait outside. In addition, you can only pay with CASH. It is definitely worthwhile to visit here for crepe and drink with divine interior. After enjoying crepe, you could walk around and see individual artists flee market.

Address: 67, rue de Montparnasse, 75015, Praris


Next, we headed to Montmartre. I could see entire scenery of Paris, so beautiful. Of course as I was warned, there are many guys who are selling (or forcing to buy) souvenir around Montmartre. It was indeed fascinating moment of all after almost climbing mountain kind of feeling.

Also when you get to Montmartre, you could see so many arts that please you. I was so pondering in arts on the street and spend hours there to visit here and there. I have bought some pictures from artists and some souvenir, of course, but I would say my gifts for my family and friends were mostly soaps.

This restaurant was one of the kind that we found around Montmartre. Our last dinner was so delicious with such a price at such a gorgeous hidden place. Vegetables and lemon cream sauces were so nice. I would definitely visit here once more if I visit Paris. Maybe if you visit Paris, try to find some hidden places where you could have your own memories. I think there are a lot of places that are not listed on Internet, yet so great.

Shopping tip


+  SEPHORA is ‘must-go’ place to shop cosmetics. They have amazing liquid eye liner and ‘makeup forever’! I bought so many makeupforever makeup products in Sephora, since there is no makeup forever boutique in Germany.(at least where I live) Their pencil eye liner and eye remover are so great. I have had some problems to remove eye makeup, but this product has no allergic reaction on my eyes!

+ Drug shop shopping is the best! I cannot recommend what to buy, however, keep in mind that from drug store to drug store, there is slice price difference. “Pharmacie Monge” is the most famous among tourists.


2012. Paris



Night in Paris reminds me of “midnight in paris” movie. You should definitely watch that. It is fun to find places that were in movies or magazines.


I would highly recommend to go to cruise at the first or last day in Paris. It is really romantic and gives me very dramatic impression of this city.


I cannot miss Louvre museum! We spend almost half day here. Good that we did not wait long.


There were of course many tourist groups. I try to focus on each piece with Nintendo. 😉 Indeed I ponder what artists were thinking of this piece or episode that they started to create this piece. Imagine in 1793, when museums were opened, people had to come so far to see pieces with horse, but yet so pondered in pieces with tears. Imagine when many well-known artists came right in here where I am standing. How many people were suffered to build this? yet the building is so divine. We are blessed to be born in this modern time.


2012. Paris

DSC_0003My first impression about Paris is of course “french”. I was very confused where to go and what to do. However, luckily I figured to get to subway to go to hotel. Subway was like similar to German but not to convenience. It looks old and it is always crowded.

DSC_0009After coming out from subway, wow wow wow… I cannot be amazed with architectures and designs of city. It is unbelievable that antique and gorgeous buildings still exist and preserve well. I was imagining Seoul with all traditional houses, but then it would be impossible. Though! there is one town that has long history along with well-preserved traditional houses. If someone visits Korea, please visit the town. Indeed! it was the town Queen Elizabeth II visited as well.

DSC_0012Finally I got to visit Japanese street. The reason why we were there was “Kimchi ramen”. Luckily again! there was not so long waiting line. On our second visit, we had to wait a couple of minutes. Surprisingly many Parisian (or french) eat Kimchi ramen!


DSC_0015It was heavenly delicious. I would go to Paris to eat this ramen. This is the best Kimchi ramen I have ever had in my entire life. I really want that now since I started to do diet in recent…..

PS: if I go to Paris, I must polish my nails red and bring Russian red rip stick 😉

2012. September. dOCUMENTA (13)


Second time to visit Kassel. This time I went for dOCUMENTA which was taken place in Kassel city. Throughout the city, we could visit all the museums and special exhibitions from global artists, even in HBF (central trainstation).

For us, it was good but less than our initial expectation because of long waiting line. If you are a big fan of museums and arts , then it is a great chance to travel Kassel city with arts.


I was excited because of nice weather I could not see for a while.


Btw, this pair is from ZARA. I think this flat sandal was best-made from ZARA in my experience. Since this pair, I have never found any shoes which have fabulous design and are comfortable to wear. Even Japanese tourists asked me from where I get this pair in Korea.


I must say in Kassel there are many cultural events such as this dOCUMENTA.


2012. March. Stuttgart


On my way to wine tasting. I liked tram going up to the mountain and down. So fun for me 🙂 I have seen that Stuttgart has a long history as a vineyards, but we were not able to go far. Instead, we went to Wine Keller for a tour with commentator. He said it was built during World War II. Wow!

The funny thing is wherever we go for trip, we end up with seniors. It was the same with wine tasting. We were the youngest group, actually we did not book this tour beforehand. But! luckily one group cancelled at the last moment. Yah!




In wine storage, there were different kind of wines from different era. There was also a wine made for major and city. Of course, it is very cold inside the storage. I did not post my drunken face after a couple of wine lol. We end up buying four bottles of wines. Soooooooo good!

“Wine in Stuttgart”


If you visit Stuttgart, this restaurant is ‘must-go’. I have seen two couples eating four dishes of ribs next to us. Oh my my. For us, these two dishes of schweinshaxe were too much actually.

Restaurant Ochs-n Willi

Kleiner Schloßplatz 4, 70173 Stuttgart

DSC_0528Of course I cannot miss Mercedes Benz museum. 😉

2012. March. Stuttgart


Finally arrived in Stuttgart after 1.30 hrs ICE ride. I always wanted to visit here, because it is well known city as automobile as I have seen on TV in Korea. So here I am.

The first thing I experienced was bad environment of public transportation. To be honest, I hated to be in train because people smoked at train station, so it is not outside but inside. (Honestly I don’t know how to explain this structure lol)


It was the park, we got through in order to get to the museum. Indeed I always go to the modern art museum in every city I visit.

DSC_0459In general, it was really hot weather. I had to take off my shirt eventually.

oh.. the reason why I smiled was a man sleeping on the bench as if he would fall backward. everybody was starring at him because they thought he was dead or something. But obviously he was in deep deep sleep with his mouth open under the sunshine. We also enjoyed sunny weather sitting on the bench in the middle of park.

I must say it is good weather to travel around Germany during March and April.