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My favorite Series

Bildschirmfoto 2013-05-12 um 13.42.29I always watch these two series during weekend. These two series are about high school life and law, BUT it is also about FASHION. <The Carrie Diaries> is about a high school version of Carrie Bradshaw from <Sex and the City>. Carrie is a high school girl in town working as an intern at fashion magazine in Manhattan. You can see colors and retro styles on this series.

On the other hand, <the Good Wife> is about law and politics which I found it very interesting to watch since I am really interested in law, yet have not studied. But as soon as I saw Alicia and Diane’s fashion styles, I fell in love with stylists and designer. If you are a carrier woman or man who look for some styling tips, this series is something you must watch!

Enough of talking about these, watch it and you will love it! Enjoy your weekend 😉

Raining Day

Bildschirmfoto 2013-04-27 um 00.44.19

Hallo! Today I had an exciting meeting with WhatIWear team and fashion bloggers in Frankfurt. I was so sad why it has to be raining on the day where an enjoyable event takes place. Today it started to rain when we had gathering and tomorrow I am attending wedding as bridesmaid, but it will be raining and cold 😦 so sad. Plus I have got a little burn on my nose area after applying mask pack for pore. Can you believe that? I will definitely complain about it to this brand that has really good reputation. I am so angry over this and I have no idea how I should do with this.

Although it is raining and sad about my skin, I should not look so sad and gloomy so I decided to wear orange color lipstick and a new orange color bag.

I am up for so late because I had to finish assignments but I must go for getting beauty sleep now! Hope you had a wonderful weather there!

Bildschirmfoto 2013-04-27 um 00.54.19