Raining Day

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Hallo! Today I had an exciting meeting with WhatIWear team and fashion bloggers in Frankfurt. I was so sad why it has to be raining on the day where an enjoyable event takes place. Today it started to rain when we had gathering and tomorrow I am attending wedding as bridesmaid, but it will be raining and cold 😦 so sad. Plus I have got a little burn on my nose area after applying mask pack for pore. Can you believe that? I will definitely complain about it to this brand that has really good reputation. I am so angry over this and I have no idea how I should do with this.

Although it is raining and sad about my skin, I should not look so sad and gloomy so I decided to wear orange color lipstick and a new orange color bag.

I am up for so late because I had to finish assignments but I must go for getting beauty sleep now! Hope you had a wonderful weather there!

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Birthday night

DSC01103It was busy day for me to buy a gift for my boyfriend’s birthday and write my seminar paper. We reserved the restaurant for dinner, which I introduced a month ago as one of my favorite restaurants in Frankfurt. The area where this restaurant is so peaceful and amazing place to live.

In recent, the weather is so nice with sunshine (23/13 degree on average), but yesterday we had only sunshine but a bit windy. I love to wear simply jeans and shirt with pretty shoes.

T-shirt: vintage that I bought in Korea / Jeans: mango / Shoes: zara / Tweed jacket: zara / Bag: Michael Kors






On the way back, we picked up my shoes at Zara. I love it so much!

Feature: Striped dress

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Mango / Topshop / Topshop Texture Stripe Shift Dress / H&M / Marc by Marc Jacobs

I am so crazy about stripe indeed. I have three stripe shirts and two stripe dresses. Striped dress, t-shirt, or shirt cannot be out of trend in any time in my opinion. However, striped dress is indeed tricky to choose. You should carefully choose dress according to your body shape, for instance, do I want to look my arms or legs slim? or do I want to have some volume on my body? If you would like to look a bit slimmer, then definitely H&M or Marc by Marc Jacobs style could be answer. Mango striped dress is really pretty and look gorgeous because Miranda Kerr wore on Mango campaign shooting. 😉 I should definitely hunt for striped dress this week!