Weekly dairy

IMG_3914Monday – After finishing my seminar paper submission, I went out for little shopping for myself. I have bought new mac lipstick which fits so perfectly on my skin color. In addition, I have got some beautiful accessories. But I always feel my wardrobe is not yet ready for summer. I need extra shopping time! Should I wait for my trip to Korea this summer?



Tuesday – Back in university, casual look, I am traveling an hour to Mannheim from Frankfurt city so it is the best to wear jeans with converse for just the case I must run into the class.

IMG_3945Wednesday –  I had trouble day with train on wednesday because of “streike” union demonstration. All passengers had to be dropped off from train in the middle of no where TWICE, it took me four hours in total to get to university. Of course I missed one and half class. But I had a good sunny day in mannheim uni and I am so happy to wear my new slipper. IMG_3996

Thursday –  Back to Nerd mode

IMG_3967Friday – I had gathering with WHATIWEAR.COM and awesome fashion bloggers from Frankfurt. I wish we could keep in touch with each other and build an awesome fashion community! I wore black jumpsuit with see-through shirt which I bought a year ago but had never wore by far. I wanted to wear white outfit but it was raining so hard.

IMG_3979Saturday – Wedding day! my first “Bridesmaid” experience! I was on my way to go for getting makeup and dress. Let me tell you. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever saw in my life time and it was fabulous experience in my life time with my love and friends. I will exclusively post my wedding experience on my blog SOON!! Stay tuned!


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