Amsterdam. 2013


The first place we went for was the most well-known department store in Amsterdam. We found it by chance on the way to go museums. Architecture is very nice as if I am shopping in the palace, but sadly there were not so many attractive stores and it smells bad like toilette. So we moved to museums to see history of city. It was very interesting to see how Amsterdam city was established and of course the regulation history of soft drug was exhibited. It is indeed surprising to see all these. Maybe it was kind of culture shock for me along with red light district.


I do not know why but there are many restaurants named ‘X X CAFE’. We went to Saigon cafe for lunch. I have been looking for pho noodle in Frankfurt, but I have finally found very nice pho here in Amsterdam! It was so nice and made my body so warm. I definitely recommend to go this restaurant when you visit Amsterdam.


Another restaurant that we went for dinner was also AMAZING! I felt in love with dutch bread and foods. After this night, I bought many breads to bring with me to Frankfurt. :p


(To be continued… )


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