Amsterdam 2013


Hello readers! it has been a while to post on my blog. I went to Amsterdam since I have two weeks spring break. We wanted to spend a week there but I had to come back to write seminar paper so we stayed there only four days. I am truly sad to leave so soon.

It was really healing time for me to be in Amsterdam in spite of very cold and windy weather. There were many things I was amazed. First of all, it takes only four hours by a car to Amsterdam. Second, most of people living in Amsterdam speaks good English. Third, there are so many little streets and canals! and so on.. all in one, I love Netherlands!

We were so hungry so we started with pancake for our lunch. We had to eat something before Heineken experience.





Finally we arrived at Heineken factory! And as you can see me on the photos before and after a glass of fresh beer. I am not a big fan of beer, but this beer is so fresh and so smooth! We expected more to see real experience to make beer or something, but fortunately it was more or less museum-like. Oh well we had two beers for free eventually even though I was not able to finish up one beer. (I cannot drink so much indeed…)


+ it was SO windy and cold 😦


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