What I wore: monday dinner



I just changed t-shirt to leopard and wear necklace to get ready for dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant. I always have a friday dinner or monday dinner in order to start my week with energy!!! For me, eating delicious food makes me so happy so it is my way to cheer myself up. Of course drinking coffee is one of way to stress out, but better not to drink more than two cups of coffee in a day. If you like to have sugar on your coffee, it would be better with brown sugar.

Oh… last night I ate too much so I am still full.. no joke. And it was very greasy for my stomach so my stomach was upset for a while. Seriously, it is no good for health to eat a lot although it is such a delicious food.

How was your monday dinner?

and p.s. what should I do with my little hairs around my forehead?



One thought on “What I wore: monday dinner

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