How to: Lip scrub


How to scrub your dry lips at home:

There are two ways to do so by using very simple ingredients at home. I have tried twice, and it does really help to get rid of dead skin cell. Of course, wearing lip protection daily is very important as well!

1. Put steam towel on your lip about a minute.

2. Apply either green warm tea bag or brown sugar+honey on your lip about 2-3 minutes. Then of course take it off.

3. By using cotton swab, rub your lip until you think you get rid of all dead skin cell on your lip. (if it does not scrub well, then maybe soak cotton swab into warm water)

4. Apply lip protection or honey on your lips. In case of honey application on your lip, it is okay to leave it or wash out with warm water when you feel uncomfortable.

Then now it is time to put some colors on your lip 🙂 There are many “hot” or “it” colors every season. In my opinion, it is important for you and me to find the right color for our face skin and personality. I tried on ‘it’ pink dior lipsticks and it turned out to be very oldie look for me. Consulting with sellers at cosmetic shops is the best way to figure out.

‘Makeup forever’ launched Aqua lip with pretty cover.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-18 um 16.40.20

@makeupforever korea facebook

If you guys request, I would post video. 🙂


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