DSC00934It is Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


When I was awake, my lovely friend, Jonnu, texted me a lovely message. On my way to take a train to go university, my sexy friend, BI, came by to give me berry Tart with fresh lip protection. After a lecture, I met my friends at university cafe to talk about their vacation. My dear friend, MM, brought me this lovely gift that I really wanted to, jewelry pulse. I was really appreciate it because she remembered that I was looking for a while.

Throughout the days, my friends taught me how amazing friends I have. It made me feel shame that I did not think of valentine day as friend’s day. So I started to look at photos with my friends and now I am missing them so hard! I can live without lover, but I cannot live without friends. (Of course when a lover became your true friend, it’s different.) It sounds a bit extreme but friends mean a lot to me in many ways. Also as I get old and am physically far away from where my friends are, I really appreciate that I have quality friends. Miss you my friends.

+ I bought for myself NYX nude collection, it is indeed so great product to create daily look so you would not look too much on the lecture. 🙂









“It is the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected.”

by Charles Lamb


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