Sunny sunday


Before I start to write, let me say “happy lunar new year”. Today is lunar new year in Korea. I called my parents to say happy new year and stay healthy. While it was so snowing in Korea on new year holidays, it was so sunny, yet windy in Frankfurt.

On sunny sunday, it is waste of time to stay at home so I decided to go out for a walk to Chinese garden around my home.  And I have found one of top ten brunch places in Germany. It was just around the corner!

If you are looking for a nice brunch like me, this is the place to go 🙂 And there are top ten cafes famous for brunch for those who live other cities.







I have got a gift from my friend, my favorite color, “Mr. Right Now by OPI”. While I was watching “the Carrie Diaries”, I was polishing my nails. Nowadays there are many teen dramas about fashion, for instance my current favorite show “the Carrie Diaries”. You can guess what it is about. Carrie Bradshaw and 80’s fashion in Manhattan.

Among nail removers, dm “ebelin” does not have strong smell and remove nail polish very well. I have used many nail removers, but I love this one at best so far. And I like “Essie” nail polishes.

I wish you guys had a great weekend. For me, today was the last day to be lazy. Tomorrow new semester is starting!


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