2012. Paris


I went to Kusmi Tea which I wanted to visit. I could try several teas there and then pick up some. I have got several little packages for my family and friends. They have several interesting teas. I loved the shop!


We have tried not to go typical restaurants, rather find some restaurants by ourselves. Of course it is really pain in the ass to find the places to eat, because I cannot stand up with my hunger.


It was May in Paris, but still without down jacket, it is hard to walk around because of the wind. I didn’t expect it to be so cold… but it was shinny. Can you imagine which museum it is with this beautiful garden? Military museum. You could go inside and see some weapons as well.

(BTW, Dior foundation mixed with Guerlain Blanc de Pearle(I didn’t find this in Germany so I had to buy two of them in Duty free shop in Korea) gives me such a glossy and healthy skin! I love it so much. I think water in Paris is better for me than one in Frankfurt(?))

DSC_0586I love this place. I wish I could go and take many photos here.


DSC_0608‘MUST-GO’ restaurant !!!! (Creperie de Josselin) They do not receive reservation so you have to wait for a while, yet you would not wait so long and it is worthy to wait outside. In addition, you can only pay with CASH. It is definitely worthwhile to visit here for crepe and drink with divine interior. After enjoying crepe, you could walk around and see individual artists flee market.

Address: 67, rue de Montparnasse, 75015, Praris


Next, we headed to Montmartre. I could see entire scenery of Paris, so beautiful. Of course as I was warned, there are many guys who are selling (or forcing to buy) souvenir around Montmartre. It was indeed fascinating moment of all after almost climbing mountain kind of feeling.

Also when you get to Montmartre, you could see so many arts that please you. I was so pondering in arts on the street and spend hours there to visit here and there. I have bought some pictures from artists and some souvenir, of course, but I would say my gifts for my family and friends were mostly soaps.

This restaurant was one of the kind that we found around Montmartre. Our last dinner was so delicious with such a price at such a gorgeous hidden place. Vegetables and lemon cream sauces were so nice. I would definitely visit here once more if I visit Paris. Maybe if you visit Paris, try to find some hidden places where you could have your own memories. I think there are a lot of places that are not listed on Internet, yet so great.

Shopping tip


+  SEPHORA is ‘must-go’ place to shop cosmetics. They have amazing liquid eye liner and ‘makeup forever’! I bought so many makeupforever makeup products in Sephora, since there is no makeup forever boutique in Germany.(at least where I live) Their pencil eye liner and eye remover are so great. I have had some problems to remove eye makeup, but this product has no allergic reaction on my eyes!

+ Drug shop shopping is the best! I cannot recommend what to buy, however, keep in mind that from drug store to drug store, there is slice price difference. “Pharmacie Monge” is the most famous among tourists.



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