2012. Paris



Night in Paris reminds me of “midnight in paris” movie. You should definitely watch that. It is fun to find places that were in movies or magazines.


I would highly recommend to go to cruise at the first or last day in Paris. It is really romantic and gives me very dramatic impression of this city.


I cannot miss Louvre museum! We spend almost half day here. Good that we did not wait long.


There were of course many tourist groups. I try to focus on each piece with Nintendo. 😉 Indeed I ponder what artists were thinking of this piece or episode that they started to create this piece. Imagine in 1793, when museums were opened, people had to come so far to see pieces with horse, but yet so pondered in pieces with tears. Imagine when many well-known artists came right in here where I am standing. How many people were suffered to build this? yet the building is so divine. We are blessed to be born in this modern time.



2 thoughts on “2012. Paris

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