2012. Paris

DSC_0003My first impression about Paris is of course “french”. I was very confused where to go and what to do. However, luckily I figured to get to subway to go to hotel. Subway was like similar to German but not to convenience. It looks old and it is always crowded.

DSC_0009After coming out from subway, wow wow wow… I cannot be amazed with architectures and designs of city. It is unbelievable that antique and gorgeous buildings still exist and preserve well. I was imagining Seoul with all traditional houses, but then it would be impossible. Though! there is one town that has long history along with well-preserved traditional houses. If someone visits Korea, please visit the town. Indeed! it was the town Queen Elizabeth II visited as well.

DSC_0012Finally I got to visit Japanese street. The reason why we were there was “Kimchi ramen”. Luckily again! there was not so long waiting line. On our second visit, we had to wait a couple of minutes. Surprisingly many Parisian (or french) eat Kimchi ramen!


DSC_0015It was heavenly delicious. I would go to Paris to eat this ramen. This is the best Kimchi ramen I have ever had in my entire life. I really want that now since I started to do diet in recent…..

PS: if I go to Paris, I must polish my nails red and bring Russian red rip stick 😉


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