Move your body!

According to an article on The Economist “the world in 2013”, the world is fat. As we all know, New York’s major, Michael Bloomberg’s ‘soda ban’ is going to take effect in March 2013. About two-thirds of Americans, 30% of Chinese, and 30% of Mexican adults are overweight or obese. Especially childhood obesity is serious cause of adults obesity according to WHO. I also do believe some may have genetic factor that they could not lose weight easily and the other may be born with skinny body from their parents.  I was one of latter that many friends would say, “oh you never get weight. You are blessed.” BUT tragedy began when I arrived in America. I started to go often cheesecake factory and I ordered large pizza from Domino because I cannot deliver pizza unless it is more than a certain rate. I went to buffet cafeteria with my friends who had super plan mill.

After half year, when my brother was arrived, I realized I became really fat. +15kg. (I have never gained more than 3kg in my life. It was shock, indeed.) Also I realized that I became a bit aggressive and angry person. According to scientific discovery, ‘not easily get weight’ DNA is likely to change into ‘fat’ DNA regarding to eating plan.


Anyway since then, I started to do workout and be aware of what I am eating or whether it fits my body. (because I have a bit health problem with my stomach, I must be careful not this liquid to come up. I do not know which medical word it is.) so I was back in shape, then was top 24 “Korea’s next top model”.


There are many workout videos on YouTube. Also it is important to be aware of what you are eating. There is no such a word that “I will never be”. You never know. Treasure yourself and work your body! Of course too skinny is not good as always for your sake. Do not become like me. Agency pressured me to lose more weights like around 50kg or less. (My height is 178cm). When you are already skinny, it is difficult to lose weights. Because of excessive diet, my body was under pressure and I have got serious organ malfunction problem. So I always have to be careful with what I eat.

1. trink water as much as you can

2. walk up the stairs instead of riding escalator

3. eat healthy foods for YOU (not everybody can eat same healthy foods in my opinion)

4. try not to eat 3-4 hours before sleep

5. Move your body!

Like Beyonce sings, “A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody” 😉

Not only to get over obesity, but also to stay healthy, let’s move your body!!!!

  • Find more work out videos here:

*!!* work out is not expensive. If you do not have dumbbell, then use a bottle of water. Use substitute!

Claudia Schiffer Workout is also very effective! also The Pussycat Dolls Workout (very entertaining)

  • An entire article you will find the following link:


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