Finally I got it


Short Post! How are you? I am having a good day, once in a great while seriously. I have had no good days since this year. 재수가 없다고 해야하나.. 독일에 와서 좋은 일이 몇개나 일어 났는 지 모르겠어요.. I finally get residence permit (alien card) from Frankfurt alien foreign authority.
Indeed it was difficult with making an appointment, getting paper from owner of my apartment, and all the troubles.
What I realized is that officers at alien foreign authority (Ausländerbehörde) do not speak English nor try to. They are not friendly to foreigners in general. I see why they behave like cold as ice (at worst, I’ve seen hatred on an officer’s face) by far my experience. But I think they should a bit relax with students who would potentially contribute their high educated ability to Germany in the future.
Anyway I have got it!
From now on I must look for an apartment in Mannheim. Why is it so difficult ?


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