Skin care


Skin care in winter

I was not confident with my face covered with acne in adolescence. I had to go dermatology to get treated my acne, even on my back. With a help from oriental medicine and healthy eating plan, I got back my healthy skin. But even now I get from time to time pimples on my face. I do believe it comes from inner problem. For example, if I am sick with my stomach, I get pimples on my cheek. So I do believe eating what is good for my body is also good for your face beauty. (like Miranda Kerr said on the magazine telling about her beauty secret.)

It is indeed easy to do self skin care at home. I do light cleansing in the morning and apply essence and moisture cream. Daily I apply a drop trilogy oil (rose-hip oil) with BB cream in ratio 1:1. (try and you will see)

Before I go for sleep, I do so called 4-2-4 cleansing. Simply 4 minutes with cleansing oil massage (it relaxes muscles on your face) and wash, 2 minutes with cleansing forms, and 4 minutes wash. I have seen an effect of SK-II essence and cream. SK-II signature mask is the best! but expensive so I do not buy so often.  I definitely put Primera mask before I sleep. If I worked on my pimples, then I put trilogy oil so that my skin does not get infected.

Without an effort, it is not easy to stay pretty forever 🙂

You can find some other ways of cleansing.


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