Favorite restaurants in Frankfurt I


I love eating delicious foods and drinking coffee and tea at cafe. Some would say it is waste of money to go Starbucks. Well for me at least, I go to cafe, not only Starbucks and I pay my money for coffee with antique and unique atmosphere that I cannot have when I drink coffee at home. My father always says it is good spending if you pay for worthy food and it is the same with everything you spend.

So I post some restaurants in Frankfurt that I really LOVE!

Under den Linden

Eckenheimer Landstrasse 71, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

Tel. 069/59 21 74, Open every day 17 to 24.00

Schnitzel, salad, and bread, everything home-made, so melting down on my mouth! Menu price is like between 15-25 euro.


Mexican foods

El Pacifico

Sandweg 79, 60316, Frankfurt am Main

wings and drinks are good, but for main dishes. I recommend this restaurant.




Best original japanese restaurants

Sushi boy (Lunch menu: 12-14euro)

Große Eschenheimer Straße 43, 60313 Frankfurt, Germany



DSC00306Yogurt ice cream shop is open near by Merianplatz station! It is not so as delicious as what I had in Seoul, but it is satisfiable. I guess the reason why there are not many yogurt ice cream shops in Germany is Italian ice cream!!!! I love Dulce but I love more yogurt ice cream :p

If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment. Let’s share 🙂


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