2012. March. Stuttgart


Finally arrived in Stuttgart after 1.30 hrs ICE ride. I always wanted to visit here, because it is well known city as automobile as I have seen on TV in Korea. So here I am.

The first thing I experienced was bad environment of public transportation. To be honest, I hated to be in train because people smoked at train station, so it is not outside but inside. (Honestly I don’t know how to explain this structure lol)


It was the park, we got through in order to get to the museum. Indeed I always go to the modern art museum in every city I visit.

DSC_0459In general, it was really hot weather. I had to take off my shirt eventually.

oh.. the reason why I smiled was a man sleeping on the bench as if he would fall backward. everybody was starring at him because they thought he was dead or something. But obviously he was in deep deep sleep with his mouth open under the sunshine. We also enjoyed sunny weather sitting on the bench in the middle of park.

I must say it is good weather to travel around Germany during March and April.


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