2012. March. Stuttgart


On my way to wine tasting. I liked tram going up to the mountain and down. So fun for me 🙂 I have seen that Stuttgart has a long history as a vineyards, but we were not able to go far. Instead, we went to Wine Keller for a tour with commentator. He said it was built during World War II. Wow!

The funny thing is wherever we go for trip, we end up with seniors. It was the same with wine tasting. We were the youngest group, actually we did not book this tour beforehand. But! luckily one group cancelled at the last moment. Yah!




In wine storage, there were different kind of wines from different era. There was also a wine made for major and city. Of course, it is very cold inside the storage. I did not post my drunken face after a couple of wine lol. We end up buying four bottles of wines. Soooooooo good!

“Wine in Stuttgart” http://www.stuttgart-tourist.de/en/wine


If you visit Stuttgart, this restaurant is ‘must-go’. I have seen two couples eating four dishes of ribs next to us. Oh my my. For us, these two dishes of schweinshaxe were too much actually.

Restaurant Ochs-n Willi

Kleiner Schloßplatz 4, 70173 Stuttgart

DSC_0528Of course I cannot miss Mercedes Benz museum. 😉


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