New shoes


I cannot never pass sale season. Since I am still a student, I cannot spend huge money on my wardrobe.

So….! A couple of days ago, I ordered three shoes from ZARA online.

Mostly I order ZARA shoes on online because I could get very new shoes from Madrid that are really wrapped well. I sometimes try them on ZARA, then order it on online. Now all the shoes are 70% off. Some would say the quality is not so good, but I love ZARA shoes. Of course it depends on how feet looks like.

Do you know ZARA and Madonna concert? When Madonna gave several concerts in Spain, teenage girls were able to wear the clothes that Madonna wore at her first performance. Normally it takes 5 weeks from design and garment to delivery but ZARA’s business model makes it work in 2 weeks.

                    DSC00686  DSC00685

 It is properly wrapped with cute stickers “autumn/winter”. I love to wear flats. I have seen on magazine that S/S 2013 trend is also flats and low heels. I love all!

Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-26 um 16.40.04


2 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. Guten Tag. Hilfreiche Worte. Es passt mir. Besten Dank. Schauen nach vorne. Ich bin frischer Gast. Nur weiter so. Die Adresse hat viel interessantes. Frieden. Bitte machen Sie mehr Kommentare. Die früheren Texte sind sehr offen. Kreatives Denken.

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