2011 & 2012. Berlin


Berlin in 2011. When I first came to Germany in 2011, I could not miss to visit Berlin. Everything in Berlin is magnificent and I was so in love with culture in Berlin. We have visited 5 museums during our visit in Berlin. First visit is always sight-seeing 😉


Mostly it was raining, but on the day I visited City hall and museum island, we were blessed with nice weather. Can you see architecture of the building? details and story behind it are so intrigued me to know more about Berlin.

Luckily, we visited again Berlin for the new year 2012. There is a chocolate shop called Fassbender&Rausch. This little angel is made by them out of chocolate! I have bought many chocolates from this shop.



Hilton Hotel gave us much previous memories in Berlin, surprising new year gift. If you are visiting Berlin, stay over Hilton Hotel next to the place where Christmas Market was taken place. (if i remember correct.. opps..) It was also dangerous because we fell in love with Peter Thomas products lol


After hectic new year counting in front of Brandenburg Tor (but i would not recommend to do that…. it was chaos…), we decided to have our moment at hotel bar. It was a perfect moment to enjoy my favorite drink listening live jazz music. Since I have played a piano during my youth, especially jazz piano, I love to hear live jazz piano music.

I have a story about jazz music. Since I love jazz music, my boyfriend introduced me to this small jazz bar. The old man was playing jazz music, surprisingly, all jazz music that are my favorites! After a couple of months, when I visited again Germany to learn German, I realized I live near by this jazz bar! 🙂


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